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Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA

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Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Balch Bernice  15 Aug 1904Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14884 Routon and Riddle 
2 Balch Ruth  08 Dec 1910Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14886 Routon and Riddle 
3 Beavers Roberta Aline  19 Aug 1927Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I29505 Routon and Riddle 
4 Bob Annie Mae  08 Mar 1915Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14856 Routon and Riddle 
5 Bob Oscar Hickman  11 Feb 1917Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14857 Routon and Riddle 
6 Bob Rosie Mae  18 Nov 1918Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14952 Routon and Riddle 
7 Griggs Wilson Nathaniel  07 Feb 1900Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I47168 Routon and Riddle 
8 Herman Mattie Vaudine  21 May 1912Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I15874 Routon and Riddle 
9 Mack Charles Ray  04 Jan 1939Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14721 Routon and Riddle 
10 Phillips Corella Mozelle  18 Oct 1932Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00343 Routon and Riddle 
11 Phillips Hazel Lorene  20 Oct 1924Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00344 Routon and Riddle 
12 Riddle Edna May  25 Dec 1908Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I02581 Routon and Riddle 
13 Riddle Grace Ellen  31 Jul 1911Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I02582 Routon and Riddle 
14 Riddle Lillie Viola  18 Apr 1905Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00318 Routon and Riddle 
15 Robison Guthrie Olivia  25 May 1909Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I02532 Routon and Riddle 
16 Routon Alice  10 Nov 1920Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00324 Routon and Riddle 
17 Routon Alvin Edward  15 Jan 1924Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00112 Routon and Riddle 
18 Routon Arthur Dewey  08 Aug 1898Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00618 Routon and Riddle 
19 Routon Arthur Harlan  26 Jan 1922Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00057 Routon and Riddle 
20 Routon Jesse Hays  29 Dec 1892Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00101 Routon and Riddle 
21 Routon John Newton  04 Mar 1901Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00124 Routon and Riddle 
22 Routon Mary Evelyn  31 Jan 1912Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I01329 Routon and Riddle 
23 Routon Mary Frances  18 Jun 1906Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00146 Routon and Riddle 
24 Routon Millie Ellen  28 Jun 1920Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00068 Routon and Riddle 
25 Routon Mittie Elner  13 Jun 1891Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00090 Routon and Riddle 
26 Routon Retter  20 Sep 1895Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00113 Routon and Riddle 
27 Routon Walter Anderson, Jr.  21 Mar 1903Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00135 Routon and Riddle 
28 Stoliby Rubin  18 Jan 1913Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I15494 Routon and Riddle 
29 Thornley Cecil Leroy  09 Feb 1919Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I15871 Routon and Riddle 
30 Thornley Freda Juanita  04 Jul 1924Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I02463 Routon and Riddle 
31 Thornley Mildred Inez  22 Aug 1922Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I02462 Routon and Riddle 
32 Thornley Reba Lavada  11 May 1921Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I02461 Routon and Riddle 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Balch Baby  1905Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14885 Routon and Riddle 
2 Balch Bernice  06 Jul 1905Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14884 Routon and Riddle 
3 Mack Charles Ray  05 Apr 2015Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14721 Routon and Riddle 
4 McKee John David, II  31 Dec 1908Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14869 Routon and Riddle 
5 McKee John David  03 Apr 1942Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I47267 Routon and Riddle 
6 McKee William Noble  07 Sep 1897Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14868 Routon and Riddle 
7 Nelson Fannie  19 Mar 1924Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14882 Routon and Riddle 
8 Pope Barney Wilburn  1903Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00460 Routon and Riddle 
9 Roden Geneva Aline  1943Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I39617 Routon and Riddle 
10 Routon Geneva Marcelle  14 May 1926Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14888 Routon and Riddle 
11 Routon John Newton  18 Jul 1923Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I00124 Routon and Riddle 
12 Smallwood Mary A.  28 Jul 1948Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA I14862 Routon and Riddle 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 McKee / Herman  25 Apr 1912Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA F04342 Routon and Riddle 
2 McKee / Taylor  28 Nov 1912Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA F01015 Routon and Riddle 
3 Nowell / Roden  24 Sep 1916Nelson, Choctaw, Oklahoma, USA F05119 Routon and Riddle 
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